Next level hydration monitoring.

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Stop wasting hours collecting urine samples, cleaning up spilled trays, and manually copying data into spreadsheets.

No pee cups
No hands
No wasted time

Instant hydration feedback

Simply suction cup Intake's Hydration Monitor to your locker room toilets and instantly give your players real-time hydration insights.

Keep your players in the game.

Players see their hydration status every time they use the bathroom. These insights improve compliance with and efficacy of your existing hydration programs. Ultimately keeping your players in the game longer.

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Use your existing workflows

Simply add hydration to your daily wellness survey and start collecting tons of longitudinal hydration data on your players. You'll have an entirely new layer of data to inform better team management.

Mock AMS showing hydration data. This app is not part of the product.

Make better decisions faster

Switch your staffs time from collecting data to analyzing data and generating championship winning insights. More data combined with results before practice gives you what you need to intervene and manage an effective program all season long.


Features designed to level up your hydration monitoring.

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Intuitive red / yellow / green feedback empowers players 
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Specific gravity readout for your elite optimizers
Group 1503.png
Stand alone device easily meets player association and security requirements

Built on Science

Beats USG dipsticks

Our patent-pending technology uses urine electrical conductivity to report hydration. Scientific studies prove EC as more effective than dipsticks and interchangeable with refractometry.


The science of hydration

Explore the studies others have done to better understand the impact of hydration on athletes and performance.


Supported by the USA

We are proud to be funded by the top science innovation organizations in the USA. Both the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health* have awarded us multiple prestigious grants for our cutting edge work in health monitoring.


Security at our core.

Get hydrated

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